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Why I could LIVE in Silk...

Louisa de Haas

It’s no secret. I loooove silk. And here’s why I’m bringing out my own 100% silk dresses….


Silk is perfect for hot Australian summers

Did you know that silk is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics? It naturally repels mould and mildew, and can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without even feeling damp??


It’s luxurious, daily comfort

Because of its natural protein structure, it’s chemically similar to human skin… which is why it can literally feel like a ‘second skin’.


It’s Christmas day perfection!!

The fibres of silk are naturally elastic, which means that they can stretch up to 20% without wear or tear.


It’s so versatile & hard wearing 

Like other natural fibres such as wool, silk has temperature-regulating properties which means it’s also a perfect layer for the other seasons. I love wearing a silk dress over opaque tights and a tight long sleeved cami in Winter. And despite its luxurious feel, silk is very hard wearing and the silk pieces I’ve had for years still look new.


And, it’s surprisingly easy care

Sometimes people are put off silk because they think it needs drycleaning. Not so! A cold wash in a delicates bag, on slow cycle is all my pieces get. And that’s that!


So there it is….my unashamed ode to silk. A silky, sumptuous second skin that’s also hard wearing, easy care and therefore bloody good value on a wear/cost ratio.

So keep an eye out for my limited collection of silk wear….with gorgeous prints to boot. Mine will be on high rotation!


Xxx Louisa


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