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Time to clear the decks.... & then fill the tank. I'm heading to NYC!!

Louisa de Haas INSPIRATION nyc SALE


So it’s actually hit me... I’m heading to NYC in TWO WEEKS !!!
And hey, doesn’t a girl need some extra spending 💰 ??!

My last trip saw me source the most amazing beads, stones, glass, sequin patches, (ahem) 👠shoes and of course- INSPIRATION to boot. So I know I’ll be doing the same thing again. That means I’m happy to have a bit of a clean out as I’ll be BUSTING to get making again on my return.

SILK is on sale.
RESIN BANGLES are on sale.
NECKLACES are on sale.
RESIN & ACRYLIC earrings are on sale.
BRACELETS are on sale.

You get the idea right?
EVERYTHING is on sale, and it’s a good one.

BUT it’s only a FLASH SALE (I love that word, like you get flashed with every add to cart 😂) and prices won’t last past the long weekend. Hey, a girl’s gotta pack!!!

And just think of the good we are doing the global economy... you spend, then I spend, then I make more things, then you spend more... then I spend. 

So fly to the website and start shopping!!! It's for the greater good, you know it.

💃🏼👊🏻🍾😍💕👠 Much love & excitement xx Louisa 



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