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And the love affair continues....

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Those of you who follow Louisarose and Co on social media (Instagram or Facebook) will know I've had a LOVE/HATE relationship with my resin jewellery over the last 12 months or so.

LOVE: it's fun, colourful, versatile and oh so easy to wear... and it sells well!

HATE: the dust, the time... the time...the time and also, the small profit margins.

Well after some time away from it, my heart grew fonder, and with some streamlining of my processes (including another day of childcare so I actually have time to sand the pieces!) I have again been happily taking orders for these darling outfit makers.

And how I love seeing how you're stacking them yourselves.. check out these beautiful combinations below...


But, as with most things, as you become more adept at it, it becomes more exciting to experiment and go further.... So say hello to the new LRC resins...


But of course it doesn't end there..... No, in fact I've been having way too much delicious, messy, creative fun behind the scenes and the outcome is what I hope is going to be a pretty special resin/acrylic earring collection! 

I've been mould making, glitter dousing and developing my own style of resin earrings. I love the weightlessness of resin and also glitter acrylic on my ears, so I'm deep into finalising combinations and getting to know my dremel and drillpress!

In the meantime, here are some sneak peaks....

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Stay tuned, I'm hoping by May these babies will be OUT THERE! xxx Louisa



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