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What's Your Totem? Part One- The Butterfly

Louisa de Haas


Part 1 | The Butterfly


One thing I love about designing jewellery is seeing the reaction my creations get from people.

The best reactions come when people spy my carved cattlebone animal shapes.

So, what’s with the animals? Why did I come to use them in my unique designs?

Apart from loving their quirkiness, I’m drawn to the animal shapes because of the symbolism behind them. Symbolism, I believe, is something everyone is drawn to. People are drawn to the things that mean something to them.

This post is the first in a series where I’ll be taking a look at the animal and insect symbolism behind my Louisarose & Co designs, to help you find the design that best suits your soul!

First up is the butterfly.

In numerous ancient cultures, butterflies were regularly used to represent the various stages of life, and are associated with the soul.

They are the ultimate symbol of transformation*. In Aztec and Mayan cultures the butterfly featured frequently. Xochiquetzal—the Mayan’s goddess of love, flowers, vegetation and fire was depicted as a butterfly. The goddess protected artists and handicraft-workers (how fitting!) as well as painters, women and house workers.

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